5 best offline games like PUBG Mobile on Google Play Store

  • The popularity of PUBG Mobile has resulted in several games being modelled on its epic gameplay.
  • A look at the five best offline games like PUBG Mobile, their features, and why you should play them next.

PUBG Mobile has proven to be the leading mobile game in the battle royale genre, and for good reason. Its action-packed matches, stunning graphics, great shooting interface as well as a bevvy of quality in-game content have all contributed to the popularity of the game.

PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer game and cannot be played without a steady WiFi connection. For gamers who do not have a steady and uninterrupted internet connection, playing PUBG Mobile can be tricky and frustrating.

However, there are some mobile games that feature gameplay similar to that of PUBG Mobile but can be played without connecting to the internet. Let’s take a look at five of these offline games.

5 best offline games like PUBG Mobile on Google Play Store

1) ScarFall: The Royale Combat

ScarFall is a great alternative to PUBG Mobile especially if you’re looking for a game that has a few offline options of game modes as well.

With ScarFall, you can enjoy the online multiplayer battle royale as and when you want as well as offline campaigns when online play is not possible.

Additionally, the game boasts of several other impressive elements such as massive maps for players to fight on, a great arsenal of weapons as well as regular contests and rewards.

2) Swag Shooter

Swag Shooter is a battle royale game created by an Indian developer.

The game features both an online multiplayer mode as well as several offline singleplayer missions to undertake. While most of its battle royale gameplay is almost like that of PUBG Mobile, it does have a distinct feel to it.

Instead of the usual one life to survive till the end of the game, Swag Shooter allows players three lives in every battle royale match.

3) Blood Rivals

Blood Rivals is yet another Indian game like PUBG Mobile and offers a pretty good gaming experience as well.

While its online multiplayer mode is pretty similar to that of PUBG Mobile’s, Blood Rivals also features various offline game modes too.

The highly customisable user interface in the game helps in optimising gameplay for every player while the sheer choice of weapons as well as vehicles make Blood Rival4) Survival Battleground Free Fires an exceptionally engrossing game.

4) Survival Battleground Free Fire

Survival Battleground borrows plenty of in-game mechanisms from popular battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile and Free Fire.

The game has an offline BR experience as well which allows players to fight off AI enemies in order to simulate the actual online gameplay.

With tons of weapons to collect and a massive battle arena to explore, Survival Battleground brings a militaristic feel to the game. The game even has a zombie-killing mode for players who love some post-apocalyptic fun!

5) PVP Shooting Battle 2020

PVP Shooting Battle has managed to create an all-encompassing gaming experience for players who want both an online multiplayer as well as an offline singleplayer game mode.

While the battle royale experience is just like the one in PUBG Mobile, the offline mode comprises of over 20 distinct missions to undertake.

With a wide range of weapons to choose from as well as an army military mode to add a bit of variety, PVP Shooting Battle is a great alternative to PUBG Mobile.

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5 best offline games like PUBG Mobile on Google Play Store

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